About company

Makkah Valley Real Estate was established as a limited liability company affiliated to Makkah Valley Technology Company 1/4 The Investment Opportunities and Real Estate Assets Department in the lands allocated to Makkah Valley Technology Company and Umm Al-Qura University pursuant to a decision of the University Council No. 14 and dated 19.735 AH Management of Wadi Makkah Technology Company by Resolution No. 6 dated 6 - 11 - 1430 AH

Makkah Valley Real Estate Company seeks to achieve the effective integration of both urban planning and modern urban development, in a way that supports the optimal investment of land and property, in order to enhance the position of Saudi cities in the arrangement of the best smart cities. And the knowledge society, and the company is keen to provide its services in property management and urban development, in addition to real estate investments, taking into account its values ​​in quality by applying the highest standards, commitment, flexibility and ensuring a full impact on society. Investing, managing and developing the smart environment that enables creativity, innovation, economic growth and local content enrichment to achieve the Kingdom's vision 2030

Eng. Ameen Yamany


Dr. Amer bin Awad Al-Zaidi

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Emad bin Ali Al--Jahdali

Vice Chairman

Eng. Ahmed Bakr Al-Sayegh

Independent Member

Eng. Essam Ahmed Kulthum

Independent member

Mr. Abdullah Omar Al-Jefri

Independent member


To be a pioneer in providing investment solutions and a smart environment that enables creativity, innovation, economic growth and local content enrichment to achieve the Kingdom's 2030 vision

the message

Optimal investment in land and property to develop our resources and develop our society in a smart environment, contributing to enhancing our role in building an economy and a knowledge society.



By applying the highest standards



In the community



Keep up with the changes



In transactions



In the quality of life


Increase the self-resources of Umm Al-Qura University


Improving the university and community environment


Create an enabling and attractive environment for entrepreneurs and investors locally and internationally

A global smart technology oasis

Geographical location

A long-term investment

Educated manpower

Governance subordination to the Royal Commission for Makkah and Holy Projects

Technical zone licensed by the Saudi Industrial Property Authority

An independent corporate body owned by a government agency